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Though it's no longer at the front of the news, the fallout from the BP disaster isn't over...

Three interesting things all happened to coincidentally cross my TV and computer screen this morning (in addition to the election coverage which has me so sickened that I was looking for other things, to take my mind off it.  I wanted to try to forget the fact that my state is likely going to lose what I consider to be the finest Senator that I know of and that we're going to end up with people in his position and the state house that I find to be utterly repugnant.  Not to mention all the other absolute LOONS like that crazy Sharon Angle in Nevada and that utterly mad Ken Buck in Colorado, and so many others.  I can't believe that my fellow Americans are so stupid that they're letting the money machine convince them to vote against their own best interests because the Democrats didn't manage to clean up the mess the GOP made the LAST time they had power, fast enough. 

Please forgive the parenthetical tangent.)...anyway, back to the point on BP...

On MSNBC this morning, they had blurb in the scroll that said that the "number of denied BP claims rises sharply".  When I saw that, the first thing I shouted at the TV was "Of COURSE they are...BP is anticipating the reclaiming of power by their political cronies, so feel they can go back to their old greedy ways!!"  I waited for there to be more information on that, but it didn't come...so when I got online for the morning, I tried to find the news story.  In my search for it, the first thing I came up with instead was a link to a story from the BBC extolling the fact that BP has returned to profitability this quarter.  Awww....How nice for them!!  So while trying to find the story regarding the fact that BP has increased denials of claims against them by the people whose lives they ruined, I learn that they're making billions in profits again.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11671953

But the search for the initial information regarding the rise of the denial of claims continued...

The next thing I stumbled across in the search was this video: 

Watching the video, you can CLEARLY see the demarcation between the things in the dead zone and things below it.  Absolutely horrifying...but still not the story I was looking for, so back to the original search. 

Finally, I found it (should have checked MSNBC's site in the first place, since it was their scrolling blurb that set off the search at the start).  The article is entitled, "Number of denied BP claims rises sharply - 20,000 told they have no right to emergency compensationhttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39956880/
One interesting quote from the piece says, "since Oct. 1, the fund has received thousands of new claims for emergency six-month payments, bringing the total to about 315,000, in an apparent rush to meet a Nov. 23 deadline. After that, residents can only file a claim for a final payment, which would be granted only if they sign away their right to sue BP."  I remember right after the bus accident, all the sharks from the insurance companies swimming around the hospital trying to get people who were still hospitalized to sign away their rights to sue for a minor compensatory amount that they (the insurance guys, not the drugged patients) knew would likely not even cover the hospital bills.  It's utterly disgusting.

So, there's a literal "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico and BP is increasing their denial of claims from the damage they caused to the Gulf residents in anticipation of their deregulating GOPals...and they've made almost 2 BILLION dollars in profits.  I'm so glad for them that they are bouncing back so nicely.  Too bad the same can't be said for the fishermen of the Gulf whose very way of life has been destroyed or for the Gulf itself with its "dead zones".

Why am I still seeing my fellow Americans buying gas from this slime?!?!

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