Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tea Party Pouting

I can't believe that someone who felt he was fit to be a United States Senator is behaving like a petulant, spoiled child who has just lost a game. Joe Miller, Tea Party candidate for Lisa Murkowski's Senate seat, who actually managed to actually defeat her in the Republican Primary by 1,600 votes back in August (with Sarah Palin's endorsement), is now showing himself to be nothing but an unfit, sore loser.

On September 17th, Senator Murkowski announced her write-in candidacy to save her job and then Miller had a rather public falling out with the State's famous, former half-term Governor, and then he had his "security" people put a reporter in handcuffs. To his apparent surprise, his poll numbers began dropping and, lo and behold, on election day the "Write In Candidates" beat him by several thousand votes.

That wasn't enough for Miller though...after all, you can't just assume that all the write-ins were for Murkowski...some people might have voted for Micky Mouse, or Harry Potter...all those 92,500 write in ballots had to be counted, of course.

On November 9th, Miller filed federal suit in which he is asking the judge to stop the State from counting ballots which have the name Murkowski misspelled. He claims that the Alaska statutes do not allow for any misspellings on write-in ballots however, others say that the "intent of the voter" is the primary deciding factor. So now, overseeing the count are lawyers and other poll-watchers for the Miller camp who are challenging every ballot in which the voter may have spelled Murkowski's name wrong (since when did voting become a spelling/penmanship test?). There are ballots that say: Murkowsi. Murkowsky. Merkowsky, Murcowski, etc., a few apparently even just say "Lisa M." and they're all being put into the challenge pile because Joe Miller can't face the reality that he LOST.

Election officials had hoped to finish the count and finalize the election by Friday, 11/12...but all the challenges being put forth by the Miller people are slowing things down dramatically...who knows when Alaska will be able to finalize this election?  I'm sure Miller plans to drag it out as long as possible...the court cases have only just begun.

I think that the officials in Alaska should just call for a new special election with both Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller listed on the ballot. After the petulant, childish way that Miller is currently behaving, I'm sure the bloodbath would be even worse than the numbers he is losing by now.

And now Floyd Brown, who was the creator of the infamous "Willie Horton" ad back in 1988 has volunteered to join the Miller campaign as well.

These people are fucking pathetic.

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