Monday, January 14, 2013


I have made no secret of the fact that I am strongly in favor of the re-legalization of cannabis. I think that this beneficial little plant should have NEVER been made illegal in the first place, and that illegality was put in place for no real reason other than the insatiable, rapacious greed of already rich men, with bigotry, deception and money used as the catalyst, tools and weapons.

If you don't know the story of how and why the DuPont Corporation and William Randolph Hearst used their money and influence to eradicate the competition that hemp was to DuPont's new fiber, "nylon" and Hearst's timberland and wood pulp/paper business, you can read more at this link:  Why is Marijuana Illegal?

This substance should have never been made illegal, and certainly should have never been classified as a "schedule one" narcotic (Schedule 1 Narcotic definition), when CLEARLY there are numerous valid medical uses for it. The federal government should reclassify it immediately and then let each individual state decide how they would like to regulate it.  I hope that the example set by Washington state and Colorado in November 2012 will make other states see that they are doing a booming business, providing a lot of jobs, bringing in a LOT of revenue AND saving the state a LOT of law enforcement and incarceration costs, with very little down-side.  I further hope that when they do see that, each state will then immediately pass legalization laws of their own. 

I can't wait until the day that we can FULLY utilize this immensely beneficial plant in all of the ways that it can serve us.

Personally, I am of the opinion that not only is it acceptable to use cannabis in every way that it can be used, I actually am of the opinion that we are even SUPPOSED to be ingesting it.  The human brain actually has special receptors whose sole function is to process cannabinoids (Link - Science Direct).  WHY would we have special receptors for this substance, if it is something that should be avoided?  I believe, and I've recently learned that I'm not alone in the belief, that many modern illnesses are actually a result of Cannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome  (LINK).  In fact, I will go even farther and say that I am of the opinion that the reason that all the research is starting to appear to show that cannabis oil actually CURES cancer, is because I think that it is possible that cancer is the ultimate result of cannabinoid deficiency.  Of course, I'm not a doctor, so this is just a layperson's theory, but it is what I believe to be true based purely on observation and my own research.

In my opinion, there are many truly excellent reasons for the legalization of cannabis and the top ten are covered very well in this article: Alternet Article - Reasons to Legalize.  Conversely, I truly do not see any valid reason for its illegality, especially since it is certainly far safer and much more beneficial than a number of things that are legal, like tobacco and alcohol.  The few arguments that I have heard against legalization, I believe are all specious and very easily refuted. 

On Wednesday, January 16th, Wisconsin NORML is going to be holding what they are calling a "Lobby Day" (View Press Release), when they are asking their supporters to go to the state Capitol in Madison and talk to their legislators about the importance of putting through sensible cannabis legislation.  I'm looking forward to the trip...I don't know how much my legislators will like it though.