Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Woke Up in a Red State This Morning...

Not only did the Teabaggers throw my country's House of Representatives into the hands of my arch-enemy the GOP (God/Guns and Oil Party), they also seem to have stolen my state's Senate seat as well as my state house, state senate, state assembly and even local sheriffdom as well. 

My County's Sheriff-elect is a former City of Sheboygan cop who has a total obsession with rooting out the 'evil' marijuana and whose name has been associated with most police misconduct incidents that I have ever heard of.  He is so notorius that even before he was a candidate, he was the one cop on the force whose name many watch out for.

My new Governor-elect is a Teabagger who believes so strongly that "life begins at conception" that he is not only completely anti-choice (even in cases of rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother) and against stem cell research...he is also against any form of birth control which leads to the destruction of a fertilized egg, which includes many of the more effective forms, (when it comes to women anyway...let's face it, condoms are best) since the Pill, Depo shots, and the I.U.D., all make the womb inhospitable to the fertillized egg and prevent implantation, rather than preventing fertilization from occurring. 

His Lt. Governor is a crazy woman who actually compared many of my friends to "a table, a clock or a dog" when stating her (bigoted) opinion that they shouldn't be allowed to marry.

And my new Senator-elect, a "Teabagger" named Ron Johnson who is completely unqualified for the office, but who spent a LOT of his own money (it's SO easy to be rich when one marries into big Bemis family money) in order to defeat a man whom I consider to be one of the finest Senators I've ever seen...Russ Feingold.

Ari & Senator Feingold - 2004

Ari & Russ - 2010

Mr. Johnson, like so many of the Teabaggers, refused to answer specific questions about his plans (as I'm sure he doesn't really have any, other than to derail the current administration and get a tax cut for himself and his millionaire friends/family) and I am confident that he will infuriate me on a regular basis, so I'm sure his office staff will get very used to hearing from me.

The GOP also managed to take over control of both the state Senate and the Assembly here in Wisconsin, so when our crazy new Governor tries to get his pals in control of the State House to pass some insane anti-choice act, or change the State Constitution in order to ban Gay Marriage, or to allow people to be packing a concealed gun at WalMart...I'm sure they'll be right there for him...which terrifies me.

I read an excellent article today by Bill Moyers about the influence of big money on our elective process... Money Fights Hard and it Fights Dirty...the article is subtitled "Welcome to the Plutocracy!"  Big money just bought itself a country and now will get their way, at the expense of the people who were stupid enough to vote the way they were told by billionaires, instead of in their own best interests.  :(

I've seen all this before you see (and  I was a still a republican back then, so I saw what they were doing from the's why I'm NOT a republican anymore), but I really thought that MAYBE the people had reclaimed their power when Obama got in (cuz lord knows THAT was NOT what the machine wanted!)...but no.  The Right just just spent HUGE money thanks to the recent Supreme Court verdict declaring that money equals speech and corporations are essentially people...then they ramped up their same old tactics from ’94, and we find ourselves right back where we were then.  The people had rebelled against the wishes of the money machine and put in a President that the machine hated…that they then proceeded to try to destroy…using whatever tricks were necessary. 

I wonder what they’re going to set up to impeach Obama for…

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