Thursday, September 27, 2012

Conan, Obama and The View

To be honest, I've never really thought much of Conan O'Brien and never really understood all the people who seem to be such devoted followers of his, but I never actively DISliked him until today when I saw this clip:

SUCH complete distortion!!!  Here I naively thought it was really only the Rmoney campaign that was busy editing tape to make things seem to be different than they actually ARE to suit their own purposes, but apparently not!   The FACT is that the President DID fully answer that question, frankly he answered with a rather long-winded response.  The "Happy Birthday, Barbara" was a comment he made RIGHT at the beginning of the show before giving her a basket of birthday gifts.  When Elizabeth asked her question, the President ACTUALLY said the following in response:

"Well, look, we've gone though the toughest economy, the worst financial crisis and the worst recession since the Great Depression, and that's not a surprise to anybody...we've been living it for the last four years.  And everything that we've done has been designed to deal with, not only the immediate crisis, but make sure that the middle class, which had been struggling for a decade before THAT, is feeling more secure.   

"So, because of the actions that we took, we've got an auto industry that is back on top, we've created, now 30 consecutive months of private sector job growth, the unemployment rate has dropped, although it is way still too high.  And the question now for the American people is how are we going to move forward in a way that assures that if you work hard in this country and if you take responsibility for yourself and your family, you can get ahead.  And what this campaign is really going to end up being about is a choice between two fundamentally different visions about how you do that.  

"Governor Romney, I think, is a good man and means well, but the policies he is putting forward are precisely those policies that got us into this mess.  Tax cuts skewed towards the very top, rolling back regulations, for example, that we've placed on Wall street to assure that we don't have another taxpayer funded bail out.  And what I've been trying to do is put forward an agenda that says, let's bring manufacturing back to our shores, let's make sure that everybody is getting a good education, and kids can afford to go to collage.  Let's develop all of our sources of energy, not only oil and gas but also wind and solar. Let's reduce our deficit in a balanced way, so that we make sure that we're not sticking it to the middle class as we reduce the deficit, but we ask all of us to do a little bit more, including folks like us who can afford to pay the same tax rates that we paid under Bill Clinton when we created 23 million new jobs. So you've got two different visions and I think that the American people are weighing what's going on.   

"But the one thing I do want to say, Elizabeth, is that we all understand that folks are going through tough times out there and what's been amazing over the last four years is to see the resilience of the American people and their ability to bounce back and fight back and, you know, the problems that were created are not going to be solved overnight."
~ transcript typed by me from the actual recording of the show

I am getting SO sick of people putting together badly edited snippets of tape and trying to pretend they are somehow "reality".  I'm sick to death that people nowadays apparently have to research EVERY SINGLE THING they see, because apparently NOTHING can be trusted unless every single person goes through the trouble to searching out at least two different sources before we can allow ourselves to believe our own eyes. 

When people are doing "satire" and have edited tape they should have to make it clear that it has been altered...not just let stupid, uninformed fools believe it to be true.  I wonder how many of the viewers of Conan's show actually ridiculously believe that the President got away with not answering that question?

Everyone really needs to STOP THE DISTORTIONS!!!

But unfortunately, they keep putting out absolute swill like this:

My response to which is this...President Obama is a Christian, as their side knew VERY clearly when they were busy thoroughly excoriating him back in 2008 for attending the CHRISTIAN Church of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright... SERIOUSLY...these people really need to MAKE UP THEIR MINDS!!  The man is NOT a damn Muslim, NOT that it would matter that much to me if he was.  But the fact is that this country tends to elect Christians and consistently tries to pretend that we were founded as a "Christian nation" (contrary to what the founders had to say on the issue). Personally, I'm not really all that comfortable with all these Christians either as I tend to see SO much hypocrisy among them (although President Obama really does seem to "walk the walk"), but as the chances of getting a non-Christian elected to public office in this country is pretty much non-existent...I'll just have to settle for the (rare) actually decent Christians until we become enlightened enough to elect the first atheist.