Friday, November 5, 2010

The Brothers Grim

Now that the voters of Wisconsin have voted the Republicans into power in the State, turning over the Leadership of the Senate from Leader Russ Decker (Democrat of Wausau) and Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan (Democrat from Janesville) to the GOP, those leadership roles will now likely be assumed by two brothers who reside in Dodge County and have each been chairman of the Dodge County Republican Party. Scott Fitzgerald (46-R-Juneau) and Jeff Fitzgerald (44-R-Horicon).

The brothers moved to Dodge County from Chicago as students, and their father, Stephen Fitzgerald served as Dodge County Sheriff as well as a U.S. Marshall in the Western District of Wisconsin, after starting his career as a Chicago cop.

Referring to republican Governor-Elect Scott Walker, Scott Fitzgerald (who is called “Big Fitz” around the Capital to differentiate him from his little brother) said, "What I really hope for is that we can tuck ourselves under the governor's wing and really start working with this governor," 


New Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald also stated that the Wisconsin Senate’s first priority under his leadership will NOT be about jobs or the economy, as it seems the voters wanted, but instead will be a bill requiring voters to have to present photo ID at the polls.  Why Leader "Big Fitz" thinks that is what should be the top priority under the current circumstances, is beyond my understanding.

Senate Leader Fitzgerald’s younger brother "Little Fitz”, who will soon be the Assembly's Speaker, on the other hand is at least focusing on the voters’ priority of a jobs package. But considering that they aspire to be “under the wing” of a Governor that I find to be horrendous nightmare just waiting to happen, suffice it to say that I find the brothers Fitzgerald a bit...Grim.

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