Thursday, March 24, 2011

250,000 Jobs Where?

According to information provided by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, (link) the following companies have announced their intentions to close and/or layoff workers since Governor Scott Walker has taken office, as well as the number of employees who will lose their jobs as a result:

1/5/11 - Kmart Store #7100, Sheboygan; Retail store; Closing: 62 employees
1/11/11 - Patrick Cudahy Inc.; Cudahy; Layoff: 388 employees
1/13/11 - US Bancorp; Milwaukee; Banking; Layoff: 64 employees
1/13/11 - NewPage Corporation; Whiting; Paper Mills; Closing: 366 employees
1/14/11 - Robin Manufacturing USA Inc.; Hudson; Engine Mfg; Closing: 29 employees
1/14/11 - Unified Solutions, Inc.; Pleasant Prairie; Packaging Services; Layoff: 228 employees
1/24/11 - Federal-Mogul Corporation; Schofield; Piston Ring Mfg; Closing: 183 employees
1/27/11 - Wisconsin Food Gift Company; Sun Prairie; Closing: 102 employees
1/27/11 - Quillin's Village; La Crosse; Grocery Store; Closing: 99 employees
1/31/11 - Aerial Company, Inc.; Marinette; Service; Layoffs: 77 employees
1/31/11 - Everbrite LLC; La Crosse; Sign Mfg; Closing: 9 employees
1/31/11 - Ruan Logistics Corporation; Eau Claire; Freight Trucking; Closing: 63 employees
2/16/11 - Portage Daily Register Div.; Madison; Newspaper; Layoff: 33 employees
2/25/11 - Zalk Josephs Fabricators; Stoughton; Fabricated Structural Metal Mfg; Layoff: 20 employees
3/3/11 - West Asset Management; Wausau; Collection Agencies; Layoff: 163 employees
3/3/11 - Ultra Mart Foods, dba Pick n' Save Foods; West Bend; Grocery Store; Closing: 96 employees
3/10/11 - JCPenney - Asset Recovery Center; Milwaukee; Mail Order Houses; Closing: 52 employees
3/14/11 - CSM Bakery Products; Oak Creek; Commercial Bakery; Closing: 100 employees
3/17/11 - Nice-Pak Products, Inc.; Green Bay; Sanitary Paper Product Mfg; Closing: 68 employees

The total of that list thus far is just over 2,200 jobs lost since the start of this year…

Keep in mind first that this list only includes companies that employ more than 100 workers, as those are the only ones that are legally required to notify the state of layoffs/closings in advance.  Second, remember that this list does NOT include all the jobs that will be lost due to both Talgo (the train manufacturer - link) and Invenergy (wind farm developer - link) who have both announced their plans to pull numerous jobs out of Wisconsin as a direct result of the policies/positions of Governor Scott Walker, not to even mention all the other rail-related employment (both construction and maintenance) that we lost when he rejected the $810 million in federal rail funding.  It also does not include the potential jobs that will be lost due to his planned school closings/mergings as well as the shutting down of public transit systems in various Wisconsin cities (such as my own, Sheboygan, which will likely be losing its bus lines, putting numerous drivers and other employees out of work - link.)  And we can't even begin to calculate the impact on those who depend on public transit to get to their jobs. Nor does it consider the planned $32 million cut in funds to statewide recycling programs (link) which will not only damage the environment but could potentially cost several thousand more jobs.

Hell…they’re even trying to abolish the positions of State Treasurer and Secretary of State here in Wisconsin (link). But then…those last two aren’t jobs they actually want to eliminate, they just want to get rid of the current citizen oversight (via election) on these two positions.

Treasurer Kurt Schuller summed up his reasons for theoretically wishing to abolish his own job, while he does admit that the work done by his office is important, "We don't elect a president of the DMV. There are many, many offices that are just handled administerally, and are serving the people of Wisconsin. This is one of those offices that can continue to do the good work that it does and does not need an elected constitutional officer to run it." (link) (Also, please note that "administerally" is not a word [see dictionary]- but then, I guess we should be used to republicans making up words by now, right?)

When he was candidate for the Governor’s office Walker often talked about the importance of “creating jobs”…who else assumed (apparently wrongly) that he meant here?

“When Scott Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs, I mistakenly assumed he meant in Wisconsin.  He’s certainly turning out to be a great neighbour.” ~ Illinois Senate President John Cullerton

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