Friday, April 8, 2011


“The Donald” is pushing the Tea Party’s ridiculous “birther” claims to try to cash in on their “Obama wasn't  born in America” insanity.

Now, I would never say that Donald Trump doesn’t know how to best cash in on a golden opportunity, after all, he’s been cashing in all his life, ever since he took over his father’s multi-million dollar real estate empire in the 70’s.  He then took advantage of the financial problems of the City of New York to cash in yet again, getting massive tax abatements and other aid to build his massive, multi-billion dollar Manhattan empire.

Well, now it seems that he wants to cash in on the hatred and naïveté of the “Tea Party” loons who are SO desperate to believe that Barack Obama is not the legitimate President of the United States that they keep spreading their ridiculous birther lies about the President and his birth certificate.  Lately Trump has been taking up their mantle and going on every television show that will have him, to continue to spread this outrageous fiction and keep this fabricated controversy alive. 

“The Donald” then even produced his own “birth certificate” to apparently somehow attempt to show up the President….

Well, Mr. Trump, like all the rest of the birther loons, is off his rocker. President Obama’s birth certificate was produced years ago during the campaign. If Mr. Trump has never seen it, it’s because he hasn’t LOOKED, no other reason. For those who, like Trump, have not seen it, the official Hawaiian certificate can be viewed at any number of sites. In fact, a simple google images search for the phrase “obama birth certificate” pulls the following large number of listings:

But to save yourself some web-surfing time, you can also just look at it right here:

In both 2008 and then again in 2009 officials in Hawaii have confirmed that they had “personally verified” the existence of the original document in the official files for the state of Hawaii. Even the REPUBLICAN (at the time) Governor of the State of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, verified this fact as well. has done an extensive investigation of the ludicrous birther claims regarding President Obama’s birth certificate (which includes a lot of close-up photography of various elements of the validated certificate) which can all be viewed at:

Even the obstetrician who delivered the infant who would one day become President has made a detailed recollection of the birth which can be read online at this link:

But instead of facing facts and dealing with the proven reality that President Obama certainly is a “natural born citizen” of the United States, Mr. Trump seems to prefer to use his claimed intelligence to go on a media blitz and use the delusions of the far right in order to try to ingratiate himself with these crazy people, rather than to clear up this lunacy, because he now wants to be President.  I suppose he figures that if the Tea Party made all those other unqualified and completely out of control republicans (like Walker, LaPage, Scott, Kasich, Snyder, etc.) Governors, surely they can make him PotUS.

In fact, on one of his recent appearances, Trump recently came to the defense of the birther movement overall by saying: “I don't like the name birther. I think it's very unfair and derogatory to a lot of good people that happen to think there is a possibility that this man was not born in this country.”

I couldn’t disagree more, Mr. Trump. It is NOT “derogatory” to call those who deny the Holocaust crazy, or to state that those who claim that the moon landing was “faked” are delusional. When people deny reality, they deserve to be mocked and called by whatever label the sane members of society choose to lay upon them.

See, Donald, what *I* think is very “unfair and derogatory” is for a lot of folks who CLAIM to be “good people” to constantly put forward things that have been repeatedly PROVEN FALSE in an attempt to claim that the President of the United States wasn’t born in this country, just because they don’t like him personally. As I sure that most of these "good people" would call themselves "Christians", I suggest they look up the Commandment about bearing "false witness".  I also think it’s very damaging and detrimental to our country overall, so could you and your tea-bagging friends please stop doing that?

Trump further stated that, “If it were true, [that Obama wasn’t born here] it'd be the greatest scam in the history of this country.”

Again, I disagree. What I think would be the “greatest scam in the history of our country” would be if the multi-billionaire son of a slum-lord cashed in on proven lies to try to ingratiate himself with the crazed Tea Party lunatics to try to take the Presidency of the United States.

Now THAT is what I call a scam!

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