Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hopper Doesn't Live Here Anymore...

Republican Randy Hopper was elected to represent District 18 in the Wisconsin State Senate back in 2008, by a margin of only 163 votes. This week, like every other Republican (but one, thank you Senator Schultz), Senator Hopper sided with Governor Scott Walker and voted “yes” on his polarizing “Budget Repair Bill”. As a result, he is one of those against whom there is currently a recall effort to try to remove him from office.

When a crowd of angry protestors showed up outside his Fond du Lac home in order to voice their displeasure at his vote and their support of the efforts to recall him, they were met by Hopper’s estranged wife, Alysia.

The soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Hopper informed the crowd that her estranged husband was no longer living in his former home with her and their two children in the district, but rather had moved into an apartment in Madison with his 25 year old mistress, Valerie Cass.  Ms. Cass, who now has a state job, had formerly worked as a lobbyist for a right-wing political consulting firm called “Persuasion Partners”, ( which coincidentally works with the Koch brothers funded “Americans for Prosperity”.  However, Cass left the firm when the news of her relationship with Hopper broke, and the company has since removed her name from their web site, but there was a screen shot of her bio taken before the site was scrubbed of all references to her...

Randy Hopper, (who served on the Senate Economic Development Committee, on which Cass did staff work for the ranking member), filed for divorce from his wife last August.  Sources say that the Hopper family maid has already signed the petition to recall Hopper and that his soon-to-be-ex-wife would be willing to sign the petition as well.


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