Friday, December 31, 2010

The Constitution??

When the 112th Congress is sworn in and John Boehner becomes Weeper*...err…Speaker of the House, one of the first orders of business will include actually having the Constitution of the United States read aloud on the floor.  (

Many on the Right are touting this as a demonstration of their superior patriotism and some have even gone so far as to say things like the following, which came from the “Gun Owners of America”:

We will enjoy watching Nancy Pelosi’s face when the clerk reads the Constitution, since it may be the first time she’s ever heard it read. And hopefully the clerk will read it nice and slowly to let the words sink in,” said John Velleco, GOA’s Director of Federal Affairs.

Well…I have news for Mr. Velleco, the person whose face *I* will be watching will be that of our new Speaker, as he has shown that HE is the one who is clearly unaware of what is in the U. S. Constitution…

So perhaps the real reason that the Republicans are pulling this little gimmick of having the Constitution read on the floor of the House shortly after Boehner’s swearing in is to REMIND HIM WHAT IT SAYS, since the document he is quoting is the Declaration of Independence!!!


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