Tuesday, December 21, 2010

9-11 First Responders

As Senate Republicans filibuster and refuse to let the extremely important Zadroga Bill come up for a vote, the squawking heads on Faux News had some pretty horrible things to say about the matter (read the article and see the video here: http://mediamatters.org/blog/201012210003)

These men who think that this "doesn't seem like a big deal" or that it's a "sentimental bill" or merely that it's "a heck of a time to be inventing new things to spend money on" should literally be made to watch this segment, that I consider to be one of the most moving and important segments of television that I’ve seen in a very long time. ( http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-december-16-2010/9-11-first-responders-react-to-the-senate-filibuster ) And then, after the Faux squawkers view it, every single Republican Senator that is standing against this bill should also be made to watch it…and perhaps their souls can grow back.

Then when they’re done watching that, they can read the story of Magda Ryan, the widow of a New York City firefighter who died last Christmas Day of the cancer that was caused by the toxins that he was breathing while working at Ground Zero. Magda will be marking the first anniversary of his death on the day that Republican Senators consider so “sacred” that they literally feel they shouldn't have to work anytime around it...even if that work is desperately needed to pass the bill that would help so many first responders who are sick from their service to our country during that horrible time, and their families.


Also, let us NOT forget that it was the Republicans that were fully in charge of all branches of government when 9/11 happened and therefore it was a Republican government that told everyone that the "air was safe to breathe" at Ground Zero.  These heroes went in to help, assured by their government that it was safe, and now that we can clearly see it was NOT safe, these sick heroes are being abandoned.  It is an atrocity. 

Those blocking this should all be ashamed of themselves, especially after the way that the Right has used 9/11 so regularly in the years since it occurred to whip up fear and anti-Muslim sentiment when it suited their purposes.

Call the Capitol and tell them that you want this important bill to pass. 202-225-3121

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