Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The National Anthem

As most people in this country know by now, whether they watched the game or not, Christina Aguilera screwed up the lyrics while singing the Star Spangled Banner at Sunday's Super Bowl.

This subject has been being discussed on news programs (and likely around office water coolers) for three days now, and today, the ladies on my favorite TV show discussed it in "Hot Topics".  (For those who are not regular readers and don't know my favorite show, feel free to look at previous posts like;; and

Once again I have learned that Whoopi Goldberg and I are in complete agreement.  I have long been saying that I much prefer "America the Beautiful" to the "Star Spangled Banner" and feel it would be far more fitting a national anthem for our country.  I much prefer the tribute to the beauty of our great country put forth in "America the Beautiful" than the glorification of war that is the focus of our national anthem.  Of course everyone knows the first verse of "America the Beautiful", we all learn it in school...but very few people know more than that.  In fact, America the Beautiful has four verses and one of them does reflect the honor the country has for those who fight for her...

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