Friday, October 8, 2010

Christine & Samantha...silly, pretend "Witches" on TV

That Christine O'Donnell found it necessary to do her silly "I'm not a Witch...I'm you" commercial is one of the things from this campaign season that bothers me the most.  Primarily because it put my religion (and therefore myself) in a pretty twisted spotlight for a time and made it completely acceptable for pundits and politicians alike to make fun of the faith that I've been practicing for over 30 years.  Also deeply disheartening is the fact that it is now VERY obvious that the country is still FAR from ready to have someone from an alternative religion viably run in an much for the "no religious test for elected office" bit in Article VI, paragraph 3 of the Constitution. 

As far as O'Donnell herself is concerned, this ridiculous, ignorant media whore who has been making appearances on television for many years (since LONG before she had any actual, viable reason to be there) now has those very self-aggrandising appearances (along with the numerous utterly asinine things that routinely came out of her mouth during them) coming back to bite her in the ass (thanks to Bill Maher) now that she actually DOES have a viable reason to be in the spotlight...namely running for the United States Senate (a position for which she is VASTLY unqualified...I don't think I would be AS offended by her if she was running for the House).  

This silly little Sarah Palin clone didn't need to tell ME that she's not a Witch.  The ridiculous things she said in her "I dabbled in Witchcraft" statement about "having a picnic" on a "Satanic altar" with "spatters of blood" on it was a dead giveaway that she was a complete liar. 

First, I have to say that the word "dabbled" has always annoyed me when used in combination with religion, just as I'm sure it would annoy the followers of any religion if it was used in conjunction with their faith.  Personally, I would never say that I "dabbled" in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism,'s insulting.  I was raised in Catholicism, but then went on a search for spirituality in my teenage years, as many do.  During that time I visited churches and studied various religions.  I read the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, and other religious texts...but I would NEVER insult those faiths by saying that I "dabbled" in Protestantism, Evangelicalism, Mormonism, and even Judaism before I found my way home to the faith that is right for me.

Second, the blanket association between Witches and the "Satanic" is highly offensive to many, as "Witches" and "Satanists" are (for the most part) different things.  To many, the word "Witch" is a title, like "Priest", "Minister", etc.  Have I heard of people that have called themselves a "Satanic Witch"? Yes, of course.  But more often I've heard them call themselves a "Satanic Priest", which of course does not make them the same as a Priest of a different faith.  Incidentally, I've met many more individuals that called themselves a "Christian Witch" than I have of the "Satanic" variety.

The third thing that was a dead giveaway about the fact that she was "not a Witch" was her complete ignorance on the subject.  An actual Witch would NOT allow anyone to "picnic" on their ALTAR, any more than a Christian Minister would bring a date to eat off the altar of his church.  Nor would there have been "blood" on it.  Frankly, if any of this fairy tale is true, she likely should have immediately called the police if she actually saw a "Satanic altar" covered in blood.  All this idiocy combined with the fact that she's clearly not intelligent enough to even do the kind of study that would be necessary for her to actually practice the Craft (unless we're talking about the silliness of "The Craft" movie, which is where I personally believe O'Donnell got her information) makes it clear that she is "not a Witch", nor could she ever be.

Also, if she wanted to do the whole "I'm not a Witch" thing...doing it wearing all black with a black smokey background was NOT the way to accomplish her goals...nor is the crazy look in her eyes while she's saying it.


No, you're NOT me, Christine, because I AM a Witch, and the people who are the most certain you are not ...are the Witches, but we weren't going to vote for you anyway.

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