Monday, August 16, 2010

Resolution with AOL

In my previous post, "Hypocrisy at Work", I wrote about my reaction to a recent "Politics Daily" article on AOL and the resultant issues with the comments on the piece online (see previous article for background).

Today, to my immense surprise, I got a call from a representative from AOL's corporate office, a wonderfully nice man named Jerry McKinley (like the president and the mountain). I explained the situation to him, perhaps a bit TOO fully...not altogether unexpected as I've never really been accused of being succinct. He listened fully and then looked up the article for himself. A few of my comments from Friday night finally did post (though I don't think all of them made it...I only saw two and am certain I posted at least four, but can't really prove it). He did note that there seemed to be an excessive number of Right-wing posts and "thumbs up/thumbs down" tallies but remarked that unless he actually saw a number go down (none did while he was trying them) he couldn't really say that anything directly underhanded was going on. He did add, however, that he would be investigating it further. Additionally, he very generously noted on my account that my next two months membership fees would be complimentary.

We talked a good deal about a number of interesting subjects. It seemed that we generally agreed on most issues, his enmity for the junior Bush seeming to almost rival mine. I had a really nice conversation with Jerry and he even gave me a direct contact number so that I could reach him personally if I had any future similar issues. All in all, a nice conversation and a good resolution.

Now if only there wasn't all this bitterness and vitriol so horribly dividing the country at this crucial time.

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